Who We Are
Healthcare and Business Attorneys

The mix between stateside and local legislation creates a particular legal environment. Friction between differing bodies of law is also found in international markets or in culturally contradicting settings. In our region, only few firms are wholly dedicated to healthcare, and understand these differences while finding solutions. As you shall read in the following paragraphs, LOINAZ MARTIN, PSC has created an incomparable team of experts in this field.

We service healthcare organizations, including: stockholders, boards, management, and entrepreneurs with stateside and operations abroad. Issues relating to business development, regulatory hurdles, and operational quandaries are commonplace for such organizations.
Mr. Loinaz has a BA from the Interamerican University, where he continued and concluded his JD in 1996. After a few years in Insurance Defense Litigation, he proceeded to obtain a Master’s degree in Health Law from the Institute of Health Law of Loyola University in Chicago. 
Upon his return to the Island, Mr. Loinaz joined Triple-S, Inc. as Legal Counsel and Compliance Officer of their Medicaid business.  Triple –S was the largest Medicaid MCO at the time. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Loinaz joined a turnaround team who took a small insurer to the second largest locally...
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Who We Serve

Experienced serving both payers and providers, we are comfortable providing advice on lines of business, including: Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, SHiPs, Commercial, ERISA and others.

Although we are a full service firm, our main practice area is Corporate Law with specialized resources in Regulatory & Compliance, Contract Law, Labor & Immigration.

Our Clientele
We are fortunate to have served a myriad of clients in the field of healthcare. Few firms locally can affirm the variety of clientele serviced throughout the years. To ensure confidentiality of national or local clients, we group our clientele per category:
  • Payers
  • Insurers
  • TPAs (PBMs, MBHOs, MSOs)
  • Institutional Providers (Hospitals, SNF, Clinics)
  • Professional Providers (IPAs, ER Specialist)
  • Suppliers (DME, Prosthetics)
  • Ancillary Services (Labs, Px, Rx)
  • Clearinghouses, EHRs, & Technology Companies
  • Medical Equipment Distributors
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Trade Associations